If you are wondering what make my services UNIQUE, I am happy to share – for it is no secret:  I am the reason my services are unique.

Many years ago, when I endeavored to become an event planner | wedding planner,  the event industry was Keep Calm and Hire Medifferent, but not vastly so, except in that there has been a boon of event|wedding planning business start-ups.  Since my goal is to keep this message ‘on point’ I’ll refrain from restating many issues covered elsewhere in this blog.  Instead, I choose to focus on what sets me apart from an overwhelming proliferation of planners and coordinators.

I care about my clients. I truly enjoy helping people, and have a passion for events, a professional background in hospitality and the arts, and a flair for creativity.  Every wedding and special event produced by A Flair for Affairs® is personally managed by me, Elisa Delgardio, CSEP MBC.

I bring a fresh eye to every event.  I create the moments that become memories – hence our tagline: Sensational. Emotional. Unforgettable.

What does all of this mean for you?

• expert wedding planning and creative event design
• excellence in service and individualized attention to the needs of each client & project
• exceptional dependability, versatility and professionalism
• a well organized team and experienced professionals who consistently deliver seamless affairs
• …sensational, emotional and unforgettable weddings and events!

Still reading?  Then you need to hire me. { I’m worth it! }


Hire Me!

To obtain more information or check our availability for your date, please call 407.896.1476 or contact us.

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