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Winter Park Wedding Expo – June 7, 2014

The Winter Park Wedding Expo will showcase Central Florida wedding and event professionals at the Winter Park Community Center

Save the Date!  Just in time for anyone planning a fall or winter celebration! The Winter Park Wedding Expo will feature the very best Central Florida wedding and event professionals in a convenient location.  Similar to a Bridal Show – yet, with a casual and upscale vibe.

Winter Park Wedding Expo - 2014

Participating Vendors:

The Alfond Inn | Absolutely Fitting | A Flair for Affairs | The Collection | GiGi’s Cupcakes | Dream Designs Florist | Tuscawilla Country Club … and many more!!  Actually, over 40 Central Florida businesses will be present to meet and greet all who turnout.   Score free tickets from local retailers and vendors (like me!).

Plus, this show is not exclusively for bridal couples – If you are planning a birthday celebration, or holiday event, I’m sure you will collect tons of great ideas!

Purchase Tickets: $10.00

Wedding Expo
Winter Park Wedding Expo

Saturday, Jun 7, 2014 – Starts: 3:00 pm
Saturday, Jun 7, 2014 – Ends: 5:00 pm

721 W. New England Ave.

Winter Park,
FL 32789
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05 2014

DJ #Fail


Unfortunately, I find myself revisiting topic of hiring professionals. In what is indisputably the craziest wedding DJ disaster (aka DJ #Fail) I have ever experienced, I must tell you about “DJ C”.

(Names and places are not important, the point of the post is: this really happened!)

“DJ C” started out with a fair amount of promise. I learned that he was hired by the Father of the Bride on a recommendation. On the wedding day, “DJ C” arrived on time, nicely dressed, with decent equipment. So far, so good.

Unbeknownst to us, the dj/mc started drinking before the guests even entered the dinner reception. He must have gotten a beer (or two) from the cash bar at the cocktail reception. By the time we were ready to introduce the wedding party into the reception, we began to sense that the “DJ C” was a little ‘off’. Only a short while later the bartender came to us and mentioned that the dj/mc had already purchased four drinks. We had no choice – “DJ C” was cut-off immediately – and we were only an hour or so into the reception! Drunk DJ

*I must stop momentarily to point out that I do not condone vendors drinking, nor do the establishments I work with. However, when we are dealing with a vendor we have never met before, we are typically not aware of their relationship with the client (friend, co-worker, etc.) – so we keep a watchful eye on them.

“DJ C” continued to act oddly, and in my opinion obnoxiously; the music was a bit too loud and I was incredibly annoyed that he kept repeating his own name (“I’m DJ C…!“), but we focused on managing the flow of the reception and keeping everything on track. We made it through parent dances and cake cutting, then said our farewells for the evening. All the formalities were complete, and the guests were dancing up a storm – exit the coordinators.

The next day:

Apparently, a few wedding guests* were buying and slipping the DJ/mc drinks and he got more intoxicated. Mother of the Bride told us how “DJ C” with microphone in hand, announced a special message to the groom: “Congratulations on marrying a nice piece of ass!” Further… three wedding guests* were actually friends of the DJ (aka crashers) – they flew under the radar due to open seating, and everyone just assumed they were invited by the other family. Last but not least, he kept trying to end the reception early.

So… to recap: DJ/mc came by way of a recommendation (not from a preferred vendor list offered by venue or coordinators), drank continuously during his shift (a no-no), brought his posse (who does that?), acted unprofessionally and made inappropriate comments, and tried to shortchange his clients by ending their evening early.

How much for a DJ?

This story gives me an opportunity to share a very informative article with you:

In the article “How Much Should Your Wedding DJ Cost?“, author Stacy Tamaki shares timeless tips on selecting a quality DJ/mc.
She also lists a number of mis-steps, including  a few I have witnessed over the years,  such as:  incorrectly pronouncing the bride or groom’s name during the introductions, dressing or acting inappropriately, hitting on guests, drinking on the job, using inappropriate language or using inappropriate humor.

Continue reading weditorial for universal tips on hiring qualified professionals and planning a sensational, emotional and unforgettable wedding!

Where NOT to Skimp: Key Wedding Elements

wedding rings

3 Wedding Things You Don’t Want to Skimp On

(Me:) What?  Only three things?  So unfair: I’m a wedding planner! – we know that EVERYTHING is important!   But, if you insist… I suppose I could narrow a few dozen things down to a few key elements.   And, it would take barely a breath for me me to rattle off a list; however, I’d prefer to share some ideas and experiences instead – because as we like to say: no two weddings are alike.

DIY wedding flowers

As founder and primary planner for my company, I have experienced hundreds of weddings and worked with such a wide array of couples that it’s difficult to even cast a client profile.   Nonetheless, I have noticed a few commonalities that I can share:

DIY Wedding (Type 1): Couples who have a very strict or tight budget need to watch expenses and will certainly benefit from help of a planner to advise them early on.  Of course you can save money by doing some things yourself, just be realistic about what is possible and what will send you over-the-edge.  I encourage these couples to invest in a seasoned planner / coordinator that can advise them and assist them the day of the wedding.  Don’t skimp on the venue, because food and built-in amenities (linens, interior space for contingency, staff, etc.) have tremendous value, and can make or break the entire day.  Don’t skimp on the photography because things such as limited hours (partial coverage), inexperience – which often times translates into timing issues on the wedding day, and inadequate or poor quality images & editing are not worth the expense.  Summary: Hire a planner to help you and for advice making wise budget decisions; secure a good venue to accommodate your guests comfortably and provide most necessities; hire the best qualified photographer you can afford.

An investment in experience is far wiser than savings gambled on inexperience.

Young & Fabulous (Type 2): Couples who enjoy the luxury of a larger budget have countless options and rarely skimp on anything.  They are able to plan an event with all the trimmings – spectacular décor, an amazing venue, the elaborate wedding cake, etc. However, even these couples eventually reach a point where they need to rein in costs.  For them, my advice is:  Be the best hosts you can be.  Don’t skimp on your bridal party – offer to pay for their accommodations, hair and make-up, and offset the costs of their attire.   Don’t skimp in any area that jeopardizes your guests’ comfort – anticipate their experience and make sure they are not too hot or too cold, or too far from one place to another.  Lastly, don’t skimp on taking care of your vendors – that’s an investment that will pay off in spades!   Summary:  If you have the money, invest it throughout.  The level of style and grace should be perfectly matched, and result in a great experience for all.    second wedding-beach wedding

Second Weddings and Blended Families (Type 3):  Almost without exception our second wedding clients are at least in their mid-thirties and beyond.  They are less inclined to host over-the-top events, or invest a lot in décor, and the guest lists tend to be less than one hundred.  Their priorities often center on quality, and we encourage them to splurge on Food and Beverage, Photography and/or Videography, Entertainment (wanting guests of all ages to have fun).   Summary: Set the tone for the wedding with a less traditional venue where guests can enjoy quality time and a lovely meal together; hire a great photographer to capture all the fun and memories; add an interactive element or unique entertainment to keep everyone amused and in the moment.

(c) 2012 E. Delgardio

The Ultimate Wedding Day Packing List

For all you list lovers, I am pleased to present the ultimate Wedding Day Packing List! It lists everything the Bride and Groom should remember to pack for the Wedding Day.

Tip: I recommend pulling out your suitcase or travel bag a week in advance so you can “pack as you go” – instead of trying to make time in the midst of everything else that is going on at the last minute.

FOR THE BRIDE: Don’t forget these important items on your wedding day…


packing wedding veil jewelry

___ Pre-wedding clothes, such as a jogging suit or a simple dress, and a robe
___ Wedding dress, veil and headpiece
___ Shoes, hosiery and undergarments
___ Bridal slippers or flats
___ Handbag or clutch
___ Gloves, if wearing
___ Keepsake Garter & Toss Garter
___ Departure Outfit, if changing

___ Cosmetics, Perfume and Toiletries
___ Jewelry and accessories
___ Sunglasses, glasses, contacts
___ Something old, new, borrowed and blue
___ Copy of wedding vows, if writing your own
___ Gift or card for Groom
___ Wedding bands and clean Engagement ring
___ Prescription Medication
___ A separate tote/suitcase as your Honeymoon Bag

___ Cell Phone and charger
___ Songs or Music (that you promised to bring)
* Assign someone else to take candid photos, watch the weather radar, and track time

Wedding Folio
___ Copies of vendor and bridal party contact list and timeline for the day
___ Copies of guest list, meal choices, and seating diagram
___ Copies of Photo shot list

Documents, ID, Misc.
___ Marriage license
___ Envelopes with tips for vendors
___ Driver’s License and/or Passport
___ Airline flight tickets – if you’re leaving soon after the reception for your honeymoon
___ Digital or printed copies of Itineraries, Confirmation Codes, Reservations (Hotels, Limos, Bookings, etc.)

FOR THE GROOM: Don’t forget these important items on your wedding day…

___ Cash / Checkbook / Credit Card(s) – prepare for the unexpected

___ Pre-wedding clothes
___ Tux or Suit
___ Underwear (including white t-shirt),
___ Socks to match
___ Shoes (if not rented)
___ Tie (if not rented)
___ Handkerchief

___ Travel Bag to hold Overnight Items & Toiletries
___ Watch, Cufflinks / Tie Bar
___ Sunglasses, glasses, contacts
___ Copy of wedding vows, if writing your own
___ Gift or card for Bride
___ Wedding band(s)
___ Prescription Medication

___ Cell Phone and charger
___ Personal camera, charger, chips
___ Personal devices needed before or after the wedding
___ USB or sync cables for devices

Documents, ID, Misc.
___ Marriage license
___ Envelopes with tips for vendors
___ Driver’s License and/or Passport
___ Airline flight tickets – if you’re leaving soon after the reception for your honeymoon
___ Digital or printed copies of Itineraries, Confirmation Codes, Reservations (Hotels, Limos, Bookings, etc.)
___ Car Keys (if needed)

Prior to the Wedding Day, deliver and distribute:
___ Wedding Party Gifts
___ Wedding programs (give to venue coordinator or wedding planner)
___ Wedding favors (as above)
___ Other Personal Items & Accessories for ceremony and reception (as above)
___ Copies of Readings for the ceremony
___ Directions to the Reception

Click to DOWNLOAD the Ultimate Wedding Day Packing List

Did I miss anything? Please let me know!