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elisa delgardio csep of a flair for affairs orlando florida is a wedding planner and event designer. elisa’s also a motivational speaker and business consultant in the hospitality and special events industry”

Elisa D.

Elisa D.

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“Through social media, I have found a vast network of professionals with whom I can build friendships, share knowledge, and give and receive support.  Like most people in this industry, I work very hard and it can be difficult to keep up with personal relationships, the latest technology and current events, but my Facebook and Twitter peeps help me stay connected and informed – which is a wonderful thing!”

About me…

I can honestly say that I have a passion for events.  I know a lot of people say this, however, they say it too freely; they say it before they prove it.

I have been working events literally as long as I can remember.  I worked my first weddings and parties at the age of 17 and started bartending when I turned 18 (loved it…!)  Many weekends I worked three, four, even five events in a cycle that lasted for years and gave me the opportunity to see hundreds of events from the inside out.  During my 20’s I met and married my husband and eventually helped him establish a successful construction business (yes, I know how to use power tools).  I also started college – attending NYIT to study interior design, and continued to work in hospitality part time.

In the early 90’s I (we) moved to Orlando.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that the events industry was extremely underdeveloped (compared to New York).  That was the primary factor that motivated me to start my professional wedding and event planning career.  My journey to this point has been peppered with challenges, exciting opportunities and amazing experiences.  I’m proud to say that I have achieved many of my original professional goals, yet I am driven to press further on.

When I’m not working on events (a rare occurrence) I enjoy family time with my husband and teenage daughter.  I also love to travel, dine out, attend fabulous events (favorite industry perk), and experience shows – such as Cirque du Soleil productions and Broadway plays.

About few years ago I started my blog weditorial(tm) so I can share things that are relevant to my life’s goals as well as my thoughts and experiences related to the wedding & event industry.

I try to blog as often as possible, and even though I love to write, my posts can be sporadic.  Not to mention that I’m a perfectionist of sorts so there is no such thing as a quick post.  (lol!)   I’m a bit better about posting regularly on Twitter and Facebook.

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Elisa Delgardio
Certified Special Event Professional, Master Bridal Consultant | Event Planner; Consulting, Design and Management

Orlando & Central Florida,

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