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The Ultimate Wedding Day Packing List

For all you list lovers, I am pleased to present the ultimate Wedding Day Packing List! It lists everything the Bride and Groom should remember to pack for the Wedding Day.

Tip: I recommend pulling out your suitcase or travel bag a week in advance so you can “pack as you go” – instead of trying to make time in the midst of everything else that is going on at the last minute.

FOR THE BRIDE: Don’t forget these important items on your wedding day…


packing wedding veil jewelry

___ Pre-wedding clothes, such as a jogging suit or a simple dress, and a robe
___ Wedding dress, veil and headpiece
___ Shoes, hosiery and undergarments
___ Bridal slippers or flats
___ Handbag or clutch
___ Gloves, if wearing
___ Keepsake Garter & Toss Garter
___ Departure Outfit, if changing

___ Cosmetics, Perfume and Toiletries
___ Jewelry and accessories
___ Sunglasses, glasses, contacts
___ Something old, new, borrowed and blue
___ Copy of wedding vows, if writing your own
___ Gift or card for Groom
___ Wedding bands and clean Engagement ring
___ Prescription Medication
___ A separate tote/suitcase as your Honeymoon Bag

___ Cell Phone and charger
___ Songs or Music (that you promised to bring)
* Assign someone else to take candid photos, watch the weather radar, and track time

Wedding Folio
___ Copies of vendor and bridal party contact list and timeline for the day
___ Copies of guest list, meal choices, and seating diagram
___ Copies of Photo shot list

Documents, ID, Misc.
___ Marriage license
___ Envelopes with tips for vendors
___ Driver’s License and/or Passport
___ Airline flight tickets – if you’re leaving soon after the reception for your honeymoon
___ Digital or printed copies of Itineraries, Confirmation Codes, Reservations (Hotels, Limos, Bookings, etc.)

FOR THE GROOM: Don’t forget these important items on your wedding day…

___ Cash / Checkbook / Credit Card(s) – prepare for the unexpected

___ Pre-wedding clothes
___ Tux or Suit
___ Underwear (including white t-shirt),
___ Socks to match
___ Shoes (if not rented)
___ Tie (if not rented)
___ Handkerchief

___ Travel Bag to hold Overnight Items & Toiletries
___ Watch, Cufflinks / Tie Bar
___ Sunglasses, glasses, contacts
___ Copy of wedding vows, if writing your own
___ Gift or card for Bride
___ Wedding band(s)
___ Prescription Medication

___ Cell Phone and charger
___ Personal camera, charger, chips
___ Personal devices needed before or after the wedding
___ USB or sync cables for devices

Documents, ID, Misc.
___ Marriage license
___ Envelopes with tips for vendors
___ Driver’s License and/or Passport
___ Airline flight tickets – if you’re leaving soon after the reception for your honeymoon
___ Digital or printed copies of Itineraries, Confirmation Codes, Reservations (Hotels, Limos, Bookings, etc.)
___ Car Keys (if needed)

Prior to the Wedding Day, deliver and distribute:
___ Wedding Party Gifts
___ Wedding programs (give to venue coordinator or wedding planner)
___ Wedding favors (as above)
___ Other Personal Items & Accessories for ceremony and reception (as above)
___ Copies of Readings for the ceremony
___ Directions to the Reception

Click to DOWNLOAD the Ultimate Wedding Day Packing List

Did I miss anything? Please let me know!

Lake Nona County Club | Real Wedding Photos

Photos from Emily & Brad’s wedding at Lake Nona Country Club – November 2011.

Photos courtesy of Marc Harmon

Lake Nona Wedding by A Flair for Affairs

Lake Nona Wedding by A Flair for Affairs

Featured Wedding Professionals:
Planning and Coordination: A Flair for Affairs
Photography: Marc Harmon
Wedding Ceremony & Reception Location: Lake Nona Country Club – Orlando FL
Floral: Lee Forrest
Make Up: Your Wedding Make-Up
Wedding Cake: It’s Tasty Too

Wedding Photo Tips | A Few Faves

In my next life I think I will come back as a wedding photographer. It would be nice; people have suggested it to me and I might actually have what it takes… Especially when it comes to identifying – or even helping to create – the moments that will be treasured for a lifetime.

There’s no debating that we live in a DIY world: Technology has made many things possible. It seems that everything is readily available, more affordable, and of comparable quality. This is somewhat true. Nevertheless, I must point out that: 1) knowledge and experience remain indispensable, and 2) you get what you pay for.
wedding photo disk image

What to do with that wedding disc:

Many couples opt to receive a disk – typically a DVD – in lieu of a traditional wedding album. Now what? For those content to view the images on your computers or television screens, this tip is not for you. However, if you’re traditional and appreciate the nostalgic aspect of wedding portraiture you will be interested to in this pro tip – courtesy of Reed Photo:

Print on quality photographic paper.
“This means professional paper. Not the over contrasty, over saturated non- neutral stuff you get from drug stores, discount marts, warehouse/membership stores. This means use a good pro lab. Not Costco, not Wal Mart, not Walgreens, not Drug Emporium, etc etc etc.

The papers you get from consumer mini-labs are purposely manufactured to NOT have accurate color. Yep, they make it screwy on purpose. You see, Joe Consumer likes prints with colors that aren’t real. They want more saturation and contrast for that extra snap. In most cases, their photos benefit from that assistance to help the snap-shot look a bit more appealing to the eye.

Professional paper is manufactured to very exacting standards to achieve neutral balance, neutral saturation and excellent skin tones. Pro papers will handle extra saturation if you really need it for your “look”, so add it if you wish, but at least you have the option. And get this, just by using pro papers, you get an additional stop of shadow detail! The missing shadow range in the consumer papers is another reason they look so “snappy”. A properly exposed, correctly white balanced image with great composition that is printed on professional photographic paper won’t need the false extra punch to look good.” –by John Harris,

Timing is everything

Speaking from experience, you can never have too much time scheduled for wedding photos. Plan on extra time, and then add more. Why? Because you have no control over time. Anything can happen: Limo gets a flat, grandma and grandpa get lost, flower girl is crying, bridesmaid zipper fail, flowers arrive late, unexpected rain – are you starting to get the picture? The trick to this timing thing is adding (using) the extra time in a way where your guests won’t be affected.

I found a great blog post written by Traci Turchin describing a variety of wedding photography timelines – including modern and traditional scenarios.

The Reveal (aka First Look)

I love this one! Many of our couples have done this and all have been thrilled with the outcome! A number of them even commented that it’s a tension reliever. One of the benefits I like most is that it makes for amazingly unscripted candid shots. From the perspective of the couple it is especially romantic, and they can be more intimate and relaxed since they are not surrounded by dozens of guests. This is how we typically stage it: We lead the groom to a place that is semi private, and he is turned away from the direction of the bride’s entrance. The bride walks toward the groom, and taps him on the shoulder to signal him to turn around and face. (sigh!) It’s so cool to watch this special moment unfold! Sure, it’s a break from tradition but wedding photography has evolved so much in the 20 – 50 plus years since your parents and grandparents were married.

Ultimately, the choice is yours so discuss the pros and cons ahead of time. I sincerely believe that you should be open to any approach that reduces pressure or stress on the wedding day. In my experience, the private reveal / first look works particularly well if the wedding and reception are at the same location – such as a hotel, B&B or country club. It is most definitely (in my Martha Stewart voice) “a good thing”.

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11 2011

Design and Details: Orlando Wedding at Historic B&B

Just wanted to share a few pics (sneak peaks) from last weekend’s wedding!  I can’t believe that Errol Colon has already begun editing (!) and naturally I was thrilled to receive previews so soon after the event!

Ok – so I was busy as a bee last week working on special touches for a wedding that took place at Dr. Philips – a historic B&B which is part of the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne in downtown Orlando.Dr Phillips House - Courtyard at Lake LucerneOur client was looking for something natural and zen-ish that would work with the classic elegance of the estate house and I was delighted to guide the design elements and create finishing touches.

Place cards-table numbers-programsThe color palette for the ceremony was ivory, fern green and gray, and the interior palette for the reception was amber, fern green and rustic red.  Linens were selected from BBJ Linen.dr phillips house wedding reception

wire covered with wood-rafiaAs I was shopping for ribbon and supplies to create the the programs, signage and decor elements, I came across “vine wire” and had the idea to use it in lieu of printed table numbers.  Thus, we formed all the table numbers from the vine wire and then glued them to cardstock table tents.  The look was clean but earthy, and everyone loved it!

The place card display – which I envisioned as vertical – worked out perfectly as we implemented scroll photo holders purchased from Pier 1.

Can’t wait to share more about this wonderful event!