Wedding Weather (More Cool Tools…!)

A Customized Weather Forcast for Your Wedding Date
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… We (The Weather Channel) have taken 30 years worth of data for your location and date to give you an idea of what you might expect based on past weather conditions. This information is what experts at The Weather Channel have used to plan their own weddings and is the best indicator of conditions this far in advance of your special day. An actual weather forecast is available 10 days in advance of your wedding, which gives you time to make any last-minute adjustments.

While you can get monthly and daily averages and records for your location in our Set the Date feature, your best bet is to create a “My Wedding Weather” page. This personalized page will automatically update with the latest weather data as your wedding day draws nearer. Here’s an overview of what you’ll see on this page and when:

  • More than 10 days away: averages and records, as well as actual weather from the past 3 years
  • 10 days away: your Wedding Day Forecast, including high and low temperatures, chance of precipitation, and more
  • 48 hours away: an hour-by-hour forecast so you can plan accordingly and make any necessary last minute changes …

How cool is that!?!

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08 2008

Cool Tools for Brides & Planners


Looking for a great way to get everyone to the church on time? A wedding map makes it easy to communicate detailed information about your wedding and the local area to a large number of people. By sharing your wedding map with guests and your wedding vendors you can ensure no one gets lost on the big day. In addition to listing the key locations, such as the ceremony and reception, you can also easily…

  • Add restaurants, spas, parks, and your favorite local attractions to your wedding map
  • Add photos and custom descriptions make your wedding map more personalized
  • Store vendor contact information, hidden from guests, on your wedding map to keep everything in one place.
  • Create a printed version of your wedding map to enclose with your invitations or create a custom URL for an map that’s viewable online.

Visit the Wedding Mapper website to take advantage of this terrific service – it’s FREE!


08 2008

"Hello – I’d like to be added to your Approved Vendor List"

I am often contacted by Vendors looking to establish a relationship with my company… Actually, more often than not, they’re just looking for business… More specifically, business that I might send to them. While I give them credit for reaching out in a proactive manner, let’s talk a bit about the requests I receive via email, telephone calls and voice messages asking: “How can I be added to your vendor list?” Hmm… Good question. Often I’ll respond: “Send me an email with your info and I’ll be happy to add it to our vendor resource file. You never know when we might need it!” – which is not entirely untrue, but it’s also easier than answering the question honestly. If you’re wondering about how vendors get added to my referral list, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Please don’t cold-call me. (Hello… Do you ever use bounce-houses?) Take the time to look at my website and familiarize yourself with the information posted there – learn about me, my company and the type of work we do.
  2. Save a tree (and a stamp!). I can’t remember the last time I responded to unsolicited information. (Sorry.)
  3. Bribes don’t work. (Again, sorry.) You may call it an incentive, but I refuse to give referrals based on compensation. Why? Because as a professional Consultant I’m committed to operating in the best interests of the Client. Not only is the practice of accepting referral fees frowned upon by some of the professional associations I’m affiliated with (it’s like double dipping), I believe that this business practice would ultimately damage my professional credibility.
  4. If you manage to grab my attention and you ask me to check out your website, IT BETTER BE GOOD. Truth be told, if your website is not completely professional (including valid contact info), fully functional and legible (yes, spelling counts) you will probably never get a referral from me.
  5. Please don’t request a meeting. (When can I drop by your office or meet you for coffee...?) As a business owner, wife and mother, I just don’t have the time to have coffee with every vendor in town. (Let’s not even get into the safety issues…) I pretty much stopped doing this altogether after a videography company called me persistently to set a meeting which I eventually agreed to. I arrived at the appointment only to have a representative hand me a sheet of paper which directed me to their website. (Huh!?! – no demo?!? Are you kidding!?!) So, I tried to ask the representative intelligent questions about their services & work which she could not answer because she was ‘new’. She didn’t even have a business card to give me. My daughter had accompanied me to the meeting and said to me in the car afterward, “Well, that wasn’t a very good meeting”. “No honey, it wasn’t”, I replied. (I love that kid! – even at 11 years old she knew better.)

Now it may seem like the door has been slammed shut, but that’s really not the case. The fact of the matter is, it’s very important for me to meet new vendors and keep my Rolodex updated to include rising stars as well as luminaries from every facet of the special events industry. This allows me to present my clients with a fabulous array of options… which is an essential part of the customized services I provide.

Stay tuned for a future post: “Tips for Getting More Referrals from Planners & Coordinators”

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07 2008

A Reminder of What Really Matters…

Monday I attended the funeral of a colleague. I didn’t know him especially well but I respected him as a fellow member of ISES and ‘all around nice guy’, so I wanted to attend. I must say it was a lovely service: touching words were spoken, memories were shared and many tears were shed. And sitting there my mind drifted to uneasy thoughts of the day when I would find myself in the front row, dealing with the loss of a loved one… A bit morbid, I know, but it got me thinking about how important it is not to lose sight of the things that really matter… Thanks for the reminder, Tom. God Bless.


07 2008