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08 2008

Eventworld 2008

The Renaissance Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida was the host hotel for ISES Eventworld 2008 on August 21-23.

What a blast! Hundreds of ISES members from around the globe attended EW this year, and experienced a variety of educational offerings, networking opportunities and well-deserved recognition for their work.

As I mentioned last week, I was really excited about this conference for a number of reasons… For starters, this was my first time attending Eventworld, and I was looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new acquaintances. Not to mention that I was all hyped up about the Esprit Awards and the Spirit of Excellence Awards. In addition to that, the Vinoy is one of my all time favorite hotels! It’s a historic hotel (c. 1925) that boasts beautiful views of the St. Pete Pier and waterfront, incredible cuisine and luxurious amenities (like fabulously comfy beds!)

Well, unfortunately, our “Gala at the Grove” ( 2007 ABC Gala) event did not garner the coveted Esprit Award – but we are still happy that our event and team received worldwide recognition as nominees, and it was truly an honor to be in such distinguished company. And sadly (sigh) despite our best efforts, our Orlando Chapter did not take home a Spirit of Excellence Award… Yet, we are quite proud that Orlando’s own David DeLoach was sworn in as President of ISES International. (This marks the third time that a Past-President from the ISES Orlando Chapter has served as International President.)

Following the Esprit Awards on Saturday evening, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner reception in the Vinoy Grand Ballroom. You can see from the photos that the ballroom decor had a whimsical & elegant black and white theme, and the lighting was quite stunning. I had the good fortune of sharing this event experience with my friend and associate Kerline Doctuer PBC. And to our delight, we were seated alongside Sasha Souza MBC – an accomplished and well respected member of both ISES and ABC. Sasha spoke candidly with Kerline and I about many issues that we face as planners, blogging and her involvement as Events Chairperson with The SEARCH Foundation (Special Events Assistance & Resources with a Caring Heart). (Perhaps more on Sasha in a future post…)

All in all, it was a wonderful conference, and an especially memorable evening.

© 2008 E. Delgardio All Rights Reserved. Image courtesy of Elisa Delgardio. Shown: Eddie Diaz, Christine Logan, J. Michael Hicks, Awny Khashoggi, Richard Streitler, Kerline Doctuer


08 2008

ISES – Orlando Chapter Installation at Isleworth & Eventworld

Exciting stuff to mention regarding ISES happenings!

On July 18th I attended the ISES Orlando Chapter Installation event at Isleworth Country Club. (ICC is truly one of my favorite venues… but I digress… )

The Installation event was lovely and dinner was wonderful. I was proud to be inducted to my second term as a Director at Large. I will continue working on the Programs and Education team and focus on arranging the educational content for our monthly meetings. I’m really looking forward to this year! Our team achieved some amazing things over the course of the last year, especially with regard to the “Class of 2008″ meeting series concept, and the level of excitement in our Chapter is really high!

Elisa with ISES Board Members & friends,
Eddie Diaz & Michele Philips-Bruno
As a matter of fact, this week many of us are headed to Eventworld 2008 – ISES’s annual professional development conference. This year’s event will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida – literally in our own backyard! Aside from great educational sessions and networking opportunities, Eventworld will give us the opportunity to gauge our (Orlando) Chapter’s accomplishments as compared to other Chapters. We have documented our efforts between 2007-2008 and are vying for a number of Spirit of Excellence Awards – including Chapter of the Year. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

While at Eventworld, I’m looking forward to attending the Esprit Awards Celebration. I’ve attended a number of industry awards celebrations over the years, but this will be the first time I’m attending as a nominee (!). I’m already quite honored to have my work recognized on an international level as one of the top three events in it’s category. (Wow!) In and of itself, the nomination is a huge feather in my cap; plus it will bring attention to key members of the event team who are also ISES members, and to the Association of Bridal Consultants because “Gala at the Grove” 2007 was also produced with the support of many talented ABC members. Of course if I actually take home one of the Esprit Awards for “Best ISES Team Effort” I’ll be over the top!

According to ISES, the Esprit Awards are “designed to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts, performance, and outstanding contributions of ISES members in the special events planning industry”. They serve as the mark of global distinction and the highest level of professional acknowledgement within the special events industry today. “The ISES Esprit Awards celebrate those event professionals who have turned their ideas into accomplishments”.

Wish me luck!

© 2008 E. Delgardio All Rights Reserved; Image courtesy of Christie’s


08 2008

Today’s Blog entry made possible by Tropical Storm Fay

It was a gray and rainy day in Orlando…

Seriously… tropical storm Fay is looming over Florida and we are in ‘hunker down’ mode (…for some reason that term always brings to mind an image of George Bush…) The world is quiet and we’re sitting here waiting to see what’s gonna happen next…

Seems like a perfect time for a blog entry….

I’m deep in the midst of a website overhaul. This is quite exciting for me because my revamped site will have lots of new features that my existing site can’t support. It’s also proving to be quite a lot of effort to rewrite content and collect images for the photo galleries, etc. I’m optimistic that the fresh look and new features of the site will resonate better with potential clients and make my personal and financial investment worth while.

Now that the site is close to being complete, I’m looking forward to it’s debut and hope it’ll be well received…. If my web designer and I have done our jobs correctly, I will benefit from better placement in the search engines and increased exposure. At the same time, I’m a little apprehensive about the whole matter since I’m keenly aware of how prevalent plagiarism and copyright infringement are these days. Soon enough, my focus will turn from creation to protection.

I say this with some experience. My original website was launched in 1998 and still exists in cyberspace; I abandoned it long ago when site #2 went live. Both of these sites have been copied in the past and I have had to notify the offenders that I was aware of their unscrupulous behavior. Now, as site #3 nears completion, I know I’ll need to be vigilant about monitoring for rip-off sites.

Apparently many planners/coordinators have had similar experiences, which is really quite a sad reflection on those (plagiarizers) who boast about their creativity. And somehow these geniuses think they can get away with it…. ugh! the nerve!

The most helpful and comprehensive information I have found on this topic – a research shortcut, if you will – was complied by Lorelle VanFossen, who writes a phenomenally informative blog entitled: Lorelle on WordPress. Here is a link to Lorelle’s blog, and her tips about Finding Stolen Content and Copyright Infringements. After reading through the entry, be sure to bookmark her site for future reference, because you’ll surely want to go back for more.

© 2008 E. Delgardio All Rights Reserved


08 2008