Just in time for Halloween…

These are called “buried alive” cupcakes.

I’m not sure how this relates to wedding and event planning, but it sure is a novel idea! Since I’m not that creative in the kitchen, stuff like this really impresses me. And it looks simple enough… cupcake, frosting, graham cracker crumbs (just a guess) and some plastic limbs… What a conversation starter!

Let’s give credit where credit is due: oh_annaluise created this batch of holiday treats!


10 2008

ISES GIVES BACK 2 – An Amazing Night at HEAVEN Event Center

A few weeks ago I attended “ISES GIVES BACK 2 – Heavenly Holidaze” at the Heaven Event Center. (I blogged briefly about Heaven once before; it’s a ultra cool new venue space in Orlando.) This event was a spin-off of a fundraising event our ISES Programs team – led by J. Michael Hicks – produced last September.

Flashback to ISES GIVES BACK – 2007
Elisa with J.Michael Hicks, Derek Eaton and Jason Gabel
Courtesy: Christie’s Photographics

ISES GIVES BACK – It all began as a group of ISES friends came together to help a hardworking woman in the midst of some tragic circumstances. Quickly, many members of the special events industry also stepped forward to assist, and created this event. “ISES GIVES BACK – A Party for A Purpose” succeeded in raising critical funds that helped stabilize the recipient’s financial situation. In addition to generous support and contributions from local friends and associates, The SEARCH Foundation also provided a significant donation.

Courtesy: Elisa Delgardio

The “Heavenly Holidaze” event featured approximately two dozen ISES members who provided incredible food, furniture and floral decor, entertainment, lighting and more! The sponsorships for this event totaled over 85k and the venue looked amazing both inside and out! One of the fun-tastic features of the evening was the Laser Graffiti display, provided by ISES member Jon Adcock of Chameleon Designs. Jon describes Laser Graffiti as a combination of laser light, computers and projection, used in conjunction to create artistic and whimsical entertainment that’s so mesmerizing everyone wants to participate! I must agree – it was a blast!

Courtesy: Christie’s Photographics

The event which was widely covered by the local and industry media, was a complete success – all for a worthy cause!

A Flair for Affairs launches NEW website!

At long last, the new website is finally up and it looks FABULOUS! We are excited by the new format which was custom designed to give our visitors and potential clients easy access to essential information. In particular, the new site beautifully showcases our most recent weddings and events, highlights our latest accolades and features a plethora of inspiring wedding and event images.

Be sure to check it out! A Flair for Affairs® And we’d love to have your feedback, so please drop us a note to share your comments!

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09 2008

3 CSEP’s "Git" it! {Gitomer in Orlando}

A few days ago I had the opportunity to see Jeffrey Gitomer speak – what a treat that was! His presentation was thought provoking, motivating and full of humor. The seminar program suggested that we (attendees) “try to walk away with six things you can use tomorrow” – that was easy to do because the points he presented made such perfect sense. Here’s my shortlist (top 3):

  • Read daily for attitude & education
    (Train yourself to be the best)
  • Service, service, service!
    (There’s always room for improvement)
  • Creativity and Quality stand out
    (Constantly strive to set yourself apart)

Elisa Delgardio, CSEP with Jeffrey Gitomer

Also in attendance, ISES friends Stacey Paul-Barabe CSEP and Heather Wilson CSEP

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09 2008