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ISES GIVES BACK 2 – An Amazing Night at HEAVEN Event Center

A few weeks ago I attended “ISES GIVES BACK 2 – Heavenly Holidaze” at the Heaven Event Center. (I blogged briefly about Heaven once before; it’s a ultra cool new venue space in Orlando.) This event was a spin-off of a fundraising event our ISES Programs team – led by J. Michael Hicks – produced last September.

Flashback to ISES GIVES BACK – 2007
Elisa with J.Michael Hicks, Derek Eaton and Jason Gabel
Courtesy: Christie’s Photographics

ISES GIVES BACK – It all began as a group of ISES friends came together to help a hardworking woman in the midst of some tragic circumstances. Quickly, many members of the special events industry also stepped forward to assist, and created this event. “ISES GIVES BACK – A Party for A Purpose” succeeded in raising critical funds that helped stabilize the recipient’s financial situation. In addition to generous support and contributions from local friends and associates, The SEARCH Foundation also provided a significant donation.

Courtesy: Elisa Delgardio

The “Heavenly Holidaze” event featured approximately two dozen ISES members who provided incredible food, furniture and floral decor, entertainment, lighting and more! The sponsorships for this event totaled over 85k and the venue looked amazing both inside and out! One of the fun-tastic features of the evening was the Laser Graffiti display, provided by ISES member Jon Adcock of Chameleon Designs. Jon describes Laser Graffiti as a combination of laser light, computers and projection, used in conjunction to create artistic and whimsical entertainment that’s so mesmerizing everyone wants to participate! I must agree – it was a blast!

Courtesy: Christie’s Photographics

The event which was widely covered by the local and industry media, was a complete success – all for a worthy cause!

"Hello – I’d like to be added to your Approved Vendor List"

I am often contacted by Vendors looking to establish a relationship with my company… Actually, more often than not, they’re just looking for business… More specifically, business that I might send to them. While I give them credit for reaching out in a proactive manner, let’s talk a bit about the requests I receive via email, telephone calls and voice messages asking: “How can I be added to your vendor list?” Hmm… Good question. Often I’ll respond: “Send me an email with your info and I’ll be happy to add it to our vendor resource file. You never know when we might need it!” – which is not entirely untrue, but it’s also easier than answering the question honestly. If you’re wondering about how vendors get added to my referral list, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Please don’t cold-call me. (Hello… Do you ever use bounce-houses?) Take the time to look at my website and familiarize yourself with the information posted there – learn about me, my company and the type of work we do.
  2. Save a tree (and a stamp!). I can’t remember the last time I responded to unsolicited information. (Sorry.)
  3. Bribes don’t work. (Again, sorry.) You may call it an incentive, but I refuse to give referrals based on compensation. Why? Because as a professional Consultant I’m committed to operating in the best interests of the Client. Not only is the practice of accepting referral fees frowned upon by some of the professional associations I’m affiliated with (it’s like double dipping), I believe that this business practice would ultimately damage my professional credibility.
  4. If you manage to grab my attention and you ask me to check out your website, IT BETTER BE GOOD. Truth be told, if your website is not completely professional (including valid contact info), fully functional and legible (yes, spelling counts) you will probably never get a referral from me.
  5. Please don’t request a meeting. (When can I drop by your office or meet you for coffee...?) As a business owner, wife and mother, I just don’t have the time to have coffee with every vendor in town. (Let’s not even get into the safety issues…) I pretty much stopped doing this altogether after a videography company called me persistently to set a meeting which I eventually agreed to. I arrived at the appointment only to have a representative hand me a sheet of paper which directed me to their website. (Huh!?! – no demo?!? Are you kidding!?!) So, I tried to ask the representative intelligent questions about their services & work which she could not answer because she was ‘new’. She didn’t even have a business card to give me. My daughter had accompanied me to the meeting and said to me in the car afterward, “Well, that wasn’t a very good meeting”. “No honey, it wasn’t”, I replied. (I love that kid! – even at 11 years old she knew better.)

Now it may seem like the door has been slammed shut, but that’s really not the case. The fact of the matter is, it’s very important for me to meet new vendors and keep my Rolodex updated to include rising stars as well as luminaries from every facet of the special events industry. This allows me to present my clients with a fabulous array of options… which is an essential part of the customized services I provide.

Stay tuned for a future post: “Tips for Getting More Referrals from Planners & Coordinators”

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07 2008

A "Sensational, Emotional and Unforgettable" New Look!

How fab is my blog header picture!!!

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the work of my friend, Orlando photographer Thomas Alan . He’s amazingly talented and such a pleasure to work with! I am so grateful to him for allowing me to use this stunning image which is featured in my new prints ads, website and business cards…. (oooh!)

I must also give credit and thanks to Susan McLean of Z to A Creative for her wonderful assistance with the layout and design of all these components.
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07 2008

Heaven on Earth

“And now for something completely different.” John Cleese
(Granted, it’s a little odd to lead with a quote, but here goes!)

I had the opportunity to visit Heaven today. Really; right here in Orlando.

Actually, The Heaven Event Center is a brand new venue space that’s truly unique! Heaven boasts approximately 7,000 feet of interior space which serves as a blank canvas for your most original event concepts! Outside, there’s 2000 square feet of lakefront terraces, plus parking for up to 400 cars!

I can see this space being used in many different ways… It easily lends itself to being set as “Club”, “Lounge” or anything with a modern or industrial edge. For example, I can totally visualize this space decked out with floral and decor for a contemporary “white wedding” or transformed into a softer and sexier space with lots of furniture, lighting effects and maybe even a few poker tables… heck, you could even have a cigar roller on the terrace.

The possibilites are endless… good stuff!

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06 2008