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{ Attitude } is everything!

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”
– Kahlil Gibran

The universe is talking to me. The message is loud and clear, and it’s coming at me from all directions! It’s in the books I’m reading, the emails I’m receiving, the shows I’m watching… it says “Change your attitude!”. Well, ok then. It doesn’t cost anything and it sure would be nice to have a brand new, upgraded attitude.

I’ve come to realize that a positive attitude is one of the most powerful attributes a person can possess. The ability to be positive – at home or at work, in thoughts and in actions – is related to all the good things we seek in life, such as health, happiness, love and success. For some this comes easily, for others it requires more effort. (As you may have guessed, I fall into the latter category.)

This year, I am setting some different goals for myself. Instead of resolving to exercise more, eat less and keep my desk clutter free, I will focus my energy on being positive. I want to smile more and complain less, I want to nurture my inner spirit by connecting with more positive people and making better choices, and I’d like to encourage others to do the same.

No; strike that.

I will smile more and complain less, I will nurture my inner spirit by connecting with more positive people and making better choices, and I will do my best to lead others by example.

Recommended reading: Jeffrey Gitomer’s “Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude”

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01 2009

A Flair for Affairs welcomes 2009!

What a year it’s been! 2008 has proven to be an incredible year for us and now it’s coming to a close. As we move forward into 2009, we’re grateful for so many things – especially our truly good friends and newly wed friends! 😉 We’ll cherish the memories and mementos of magnificent projects, special days and great accomplishments that were part of 2008 and greet the New Year with excitement for what is yet to come.

It seems appropriate at this time to offer our most sincere THANKS to everyone who has referred, recommended, utilized or reserved our services (YOU!!). We are so grateful for your business, support and friendship! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2008 Highlights & Favorite Recollections
  • Ferretti Wedding
  • Darius Vow Renewal
  • Relaunch of A Flair for Affairs website
  • Grande Hospitality Gala
  • ISES Esprit Award Nomination
  • engage! 08
  • Chatting with Sasha at Eventworld
  • ISES events at IKEA, Heaven and Isleworth
  • Launch of weditorial tm


12 2008

A Panel of Industry Experts Speak to Students at Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to share my insights and experiences with students at the Rosen College. I was in good company because other members of the panel included ISES Orlando Chapter President Christine Logan (T. Skorman Productions) and fellow ISES Board member Byron Loper (Ice Magic). Laura Ball (Orlando Marriott Downtown) was on hand to represent NACE and I was delighted to represent ABC and ISES. Dr. Mary Jo Ross, CSEP CPCE had invited us to speak to the students about our multifaceted careers in the special event industry (which I always enjoy!). Also worth mentioning is the fact that rising stars Laura Ball and Byron Loper are RCHM Alumni and former students of Dr. Ross.

It was very exciting to be able to share valuable information (pointers) with the students regarding networking with other industry professionals, as well as tips for getting noticed by prospective employers, gaining experience and building their resumes. They are so lucky to have these types of educational opportunities!

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12 2008

Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake

Courtesy of Damon TucciThis post is long overdue! I have a few words of advice on the topic of wedding cakes and I will try to keep it short and “sweet”.

There are many things you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the cake that’s right for you. My experience has been that Cost, Purpose, Flavor, Style and Size are the most important factors to consider, although every couple will prioritize these factors differently.

I coach my clients to approach the cake selection process like this:

#1 – Identify the purpose of the cake: Will the cake be the ‘dessert’ for the event? Or will you have other sweet treats, for example, a chocolate fountain or a plated dessert that will be served to your guests? If the cake is the singular dessert that will be served after the meal, you will want to pay particular attention to the size and flavor of the cake.

#2 – Consider the cost: Many of my couples are looking for ways to trim excess expenses from their wedding budget (especially in today’s economy!). Here are some money saving tips:

  • Simple = savings! Wedding cake prices can vary widely and oftentimes a large part of the cake’s cost can be attributed to the complexity of the design and how it’s decorated. Fondant icing and intricate designs will drive up costs; foregoing these options is cost effective and will not affect your guests enjoyment of this dessert. Likewise, a ‘kitchen cake’ (a simple iced sheet cake that’s kept in the kitchen) can supplement the number of servings at an affordable price.
  • What are you saving it for…? Make your cake go farther by serving the top layer. Honestly, you don’t want to eat that cake a year later! Here’s a fresh idea: consider using a bakery that offers an anniversary cake.
  • Grocery store cakes are not always cheaper! Set a cake budget and then look around for a custom cake baker who can work within that budget; chances are you will be able to find an independent baker/bakery who can make the cake of your dreams at a price you can afford. (Note: Always get references, taste samples and ask to see pictures!)

#3 – Make it flavorful: I always recommend serving the best tasting cake you can, especially if the cake will be the primary (only) dessert. And, whenever possible, order layered cakes in multiple flavors! Three layers of yellow cake with white icing screams ‘boring’. I realize that some people just prefer vanilla or chocolate, but when it comes to your wedding cake, why order something you can buy any other day of the week? Make it memorable! There are so many options available to brides today – why not take advantage of them?

#4 – Selecting the perfect size: As a general rule, some guests may decline a serving of wedding cake, or some guests may leave before cake is served. While bakeries seem to provide serving information based on very small pieces (my opinion), odds are you will not run out of cake if you order the cake based on your guest count. Here are some money saving tips:

  • When the wedding cake is not the only dessert, you can likely order less servings – up to 10% – 20% less!
  • If a Groom’s cake will be served in addition to the wedding cake, you should deduct an equal number of servings from the size of the wedding cake. For example, based on 120 guests and a groom’s cake sized to serve 40 guests, you would order the wedding cake to serve 80 people.
  • Another thing to be aware of is that bakers/bakeries that specialize in wedding cakes have perfected the baking methods that allow large cakes to be stable; this means that the cake is firm without being dry, and easy to cut. Cakes that are overly moist, undercooked, or filled with chunky fruit (such as fresh strawberries, for example) can result in a lot of wasted cake.

#5 – Stylish cakes rule when it’s all about the look: Style is the highest priority for some of my brides, and there’s not much that can top that joyous gasp of, “Look at my cake!”. In these circumstances, cost is less of a concern, but using ‘dummy cakes’ (iced and decorated styrofoam layers) to boost the height of the cake may save a few dollars over ordering more cake than you require. On the other hand, you can plan to use the extra cake at the wedding brunch or arrange to donate uncut cakes to a nursing home.

One last bit of advice: be sure that your baker/bakery provides boxes for leftover cake!

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11 2008