ISES – Orlando Chapter Installation at Isleworth & Eventworld

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Exciting stuff to mention regarding ISES happenings!

On July 18th I attended the ISES Orlando Chapter Installation event at Isleworth Country Club. (ICC is truly one of my favorite venues… but I digress… )

The Installation event was lovely and dinner was wonderful. I was proud to be inducted to my second term as a Director at Large. I will continue working on the Programs and Education team and focus on arranging the educational content for our monthly meetings. I’m really looking forward to this year! Our team achieved some amazing things over the course of the last year, especially with regard to the “Class of 2008″ meeting series concept, and the level of excitement in our Chapter is really high!

Elisa with ISES Board Members & friends,
Eddie Diaz & Michele Philips-Bruno
As a matter of fact, this week many of us are headed to Eventworld 2008 – ISES’s annual professional development conference. This year’s event will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida – literally in our own backyard! Aside from great educational sessions and networking opportunities, Eventworld will give us the opportunity to gauge our (Orlando) Chapter’s accomplishments as compared to other Chapters. We have documented our efforts between 2007-2008 and are vying for a number of Spirit of Excellence Awards – including Chapter of the Year. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

While at Eventworld, I’m looking forward to attending the Esprit Awards Celebration. I’ve attended a number of industry awards celebrations over the years, but this will be the first time I’m attending as a nominee (!). I’m already quite honored to have my work recognized on an international level as one of the top three events in it’s category. (Wow!) In and of itself, the nomination is a huge feather in my cap; plus it will bring attention to key members of the event team who are also ISES members, and to the Association of Bridal Consultants because “Gala at the Grove” 2007 was also produced with the support of many talented ABC members. Of course if I actually take home one of the Esprit Awards for “Best ISES Team Effort” I’ll be over the top!

According to ISES, the Esprit Awards are “designed to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts, performance, and outstanding contributions of ISES members in the special events planning industry”. They serve as the mark of global distinction and the highest level of professional acknowledgement within the special events industry today. “The ISES Esprit Awards celebrate those event professionals who have turned their ideas into accomplishments”.

Wish me luck!

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