Gone Fishing…

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I barely have time to write this… I should be zipping my suitcases for an early flight: Vacation time has arrived! And not a moment too soon!

There were so many things that I wanted to blog about this week… Especially the ABC luncheon we had on Thursday to benefit Habitat for Humanity, or the fact that I got “downsized” (as I called it) when one of my couples broke the news to me that the Groom lost his job and they needed to slash their wedding budget… Or my site visit to Bella Collina (!)… But there were just too many loose ends to tie up before going away…

But, I’m excited about the trip as we’re headed out west to see the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Vegas, etc… I’m sure the break will do me a world of good! And I will try to “flashback” to all these things when I return. Ciao!

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06 2008

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  1. Susan #

    Glad you’re taking a vacation! It’s well deserved. Have fun!